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Shizuura Beachside Resort

About Resort

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The Shizuura Beachside Resort


Located at the approach of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, Shizuura Beachside Resort is a beach resort nearest The Mount Fuji.
Because the resort is at cove innermost of Suruga Bay, the sea condition is calm all year round.
The name "Shizuura" means a quiet cove, and is why this place named.

Message from the CEO


I am Yamamoto Masanori, the president of Shizuura Beachside Resort.
With the goal of revitalizing this area I opened a comprehensive resort which localize this fascinating sea.
Taking advantage and experience of operating a marina for past 30 years here, this time with 4 years of preparation and a new program I arranged a marine recreation facility.
I will supply you with high quality service to see your face with joy.

MVP (Mission, Vision, Promise)



We will contribute as a resort who join the human and the sea to make you enjoy the great nature.



We aim to be a company that can meet the needs of local residents and customers.



We will cherish the fun and safety in the resort.
We will provide plenty of services for the customers to stay comfortably.
We will protect the creatures and the marine nature with great care.
We will do the business contribution to help the community.
We will strive to ensure the corporate compliance.





from "TOMEI" highway

 * by "Jyukando" and "Chuoudo" (off at "Nagaokakita") 5 min.

 * by root414 toward "Oosezaki and Mitu") 3 5min.

from "Higashi Izu"

 * from "Atami" by "Nekkando" 30 min.

 * from "Usami" bu root19 35 min.

from "Kanagawa" through "Hakone"

 * from "Odawara"by "Hakone Shindo and "Jyukando" 50 min.


 * from "JR-Mishima st." by taxi 30 min.

 * from "Izu Hakone Tetudo, Nagaoka st." by taxi 10 min.

(see map on Japane web page too)

Opening hours



Summer season  8:30 to 17:30

Winter season     8:30 to 17:00

Close : Tuesday


Shizuura Diving Center:

Apr. to Nov.        8:00 to 17:00

Dec. to Mar.        8:00 to 16:00


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