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Shizuura Beachside Resort

Shizuura Diving Center

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Message from the COO


I am Atsushi Chiba, the COO of this Shizuura Diving Center.
This sea of Shizuura which are unique and don't see in other area. 
Through the four seasons at this sea of Shizuura with many unique creatures, you could enjoy the native territory from shallow water depth.
The Acropora coral branches at northernmost in the world of latitude 35deg.02min. are very valuable.
There are variety of beautiful Gorgonian corals and sea anemones spreading extensively, and many more life living with them near the diving center location for you to enjoy.
The staff of the diving center are willing to support your diving.
I am waiting for your call.

Important notice for English speaking customers:

 In 2014, this diving resort is on the way to open for customers who speaks English, except you are visiting us with an instructor or you can understand Japanese.

 Please hold your visit to our diving resort until the Grand Opening of this service on April first of 2015.

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Facility guide



               parking , toilets , changing rooms and separate showers,

               hot tub, rinse and drying area for diving equipments,

               diving office

             * You need a reservation for lunch at check in.

opening hours:

  Apr. to Nov.   8:00 to 17:00

   dive time:    9:00 to 16:00  (8:30 to 16:00 on weekends and holidays)

  Dec. to Mar.  8:00 to 16:00

   dive time:    9:00 to 15:00  (8:30 to 15:00 on weekends and holidays)

Dive Sites


The north side spot of roots extending to the west from the lighthouse. Enjoyable spot for U.W.Photography of Sea combs and Sea whips for macro and wide angle.



The south side spot of roots extending to the west from the lighthouse. Observation spot for Suborder Dendrophylliina (coral), Eda Acropora and other on gentle slope. 


SHIKENJO MAE (front of fishery laboratory):

Long point from the east-southeast toward the west-northwest. You can enjoy while slowly drifting.


Click here to see the google map on our Japane web page.

SCUBA Diving


2 dives from tne shore with guide: 12,000yen 

1 dive from the shore with guide:  7,000yen

(all including tanks, weights, facility fee and environmental cooperation fee)


*rental equipments are available (ex. full sets 5,000yen)


parking fee: 500yen

environmental cooperation fee: 350yen

facility fee: 1,300yen


*TAX are not included

Diving School




  Open Water:         58,000yen

  Advanced O.W.:   48,000yen

  Rescue Diver:       58,000yen


*Please ask the instructor for the details.

Photo album


 Please click on the picture on the left or click here to see the pictuers of our Diving Sites and under water.


 Also please check our web pages in Japanese too!

© 2014 by P.D.Fly MARINA


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